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Written by: Nosipho Mabuza

Date: 21 JULY, 2023

Welcome to my blog! My name is Melusi Dlamini, the founder of Slimcate Acuity, Eswatini and am very excited to share with you more about what Slimcate offers. Ideas and inspiration that are rotating in my mind are ready to jump out. I would like to start by telling you why I stated this blog, what I will post on my next posts or what you will be seeing more often in my posts.

Why I stated the blog?

Why am I creating this blog, you ask? Well, since I started my business, I never tried to create a blog up until a few months when my customers asked about why I do not have my company blog. I then decided to do research and checked some blogs, which consumed me with inspiration to start a blog for Slimcate after realizing the benefits it can bring for the company. I’ve also noticed that very little people know about what Slimcate Acuity is all about, and that’s where the purpose of this blog comes from. I would like to raise awareness and publicity about Slimcate, I would like people to know what Slimcate really does, but most importantly, I would like to share with organizations, schools and individuals how life can be cheap, time saving and easy with ICT.

After being inspired to start a blog, I acted fast because not only did I want to start blog, but after having my business for over 3 years now, I am ready to raise my brand awareness and work to enhance its growth.

What you will be seeing more of in my posts?

  • The organization’s services will be the main topic of my blog, but also get ready to learn on how some of these services are used, their benefits to the consumers and how they run.
  • My posts will also consist of educational information on new IT trends.

How frequent will my content be posted

My content will be posted two to three times per week to see increased traction from my content. That makes 12 times per month.

Where you can find my content beside on my blog

Apart from my blog, you may find my content on the company Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and on our website at








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